There are three versions of the CybSafe logo: full version of the logo with the name and the CS icon, inverted (white) version, and the CS icon on its own.

Please don’t modify the logos or use them in any way that might confuse people. This includes any suggestion of sponsorship or endorsement by CybSafe. Or use in a way that confuses CybSafe with another brand (including your own). If you’re unsure, please feel free to contact us via [email protected].

The coloured version of the logo should be used on a white background, wherever possible. However, an inverted (all white) version is available for use on coloured backgrounds. The logo can be separated to use just the icon, when space does not allow for the full logo to be displayed and legible - e.g. as a favicon, an app icon or on a mobile version of a website where space is limited.


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CybSafe is the most scientific way to help people do cybersecurity better. It’s the human risk management platform designed to influence specific security behaviors in the modern, remote, and hybrid work environment—and revolutionize society’s approach to the human aspect.